Bringing People Down (is usually not nice)

But sometimes necessary.

Actions have consequences, as far as we can tell. We can, then evaluate someone’s impact on a certain environment by tracing the causality from effect to cause.

In any case, it usually happens that environments which involve people are really complex, so much so that I find them scary. Our own actions are likely to have unintended consequences, thus we can hardly be certain of other people’s action’s consequences. Thus, our responses should be commensurate with our certainty, and our certainty calibrated as properly as possible.

Sometimes we feel sure that we need to stop someone from doing something, because we observe and feel sure that their actions are particularly pernicious. Sadly, because of the complexity of most situations, I always feel that maybe there is another way, even when I can’t find it. Life has a sequence of compromises, tradeoffs and decisions, though, so some things must be done even if they make us feel down.

Some people take actions with consequences so pernicious that we may feel validated in stopping them. Somehow, though, it never feels nice.

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