Care for Yourself

Keeping in line with recent posts, this is a call to everyone out there trying to make something – be it beautiful, useful, or just plain fun:

Take care of yourself.

If you’re sick, but you still go to work because work’s got to get done, then think: who’s going to do the work when some of your teammates catch whatever you have? When stress compounds the weakened state of your body, who’s going to pay for your medical bills (or do the work, while you’re in doctor mandated rest)? When your body has too much damage built up from abuse, who’s going to do what you want or need to do?

So eat nice meals, sleep good nights, have good fun. Don’t let mere stuff get in the way of living to the fullest. Do not overwork yourself, do not let yourself be chained to things you don’t need. Set your priorities striaght, that you may look back and be satisfied, not wonder where did all the years, or all the health, or all the friends go.

Set aside some quality time for you, because you’re your best (only?) asset.

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