A blind spot on my posting schedule

I was going to forgo posting today, second Friday in a row. I didn’t even notice until I saw a youtuber I lightly follow state that he was taking a rest from his daily schedule. Then it hit me so hard I’m reeling: I didn’t even think about writing today’s post.

Part of the culture I live in that fridays are usually seen as the beginning of the weekend. This atmosphere at work and home may have blindsided me. I won’t fall again.

To address this, I though about working mornings – or shift my writing schedule to the night before (write Sunday through Thursday, publish Monday through Friday), which I think will work better due to my activity patterns.

I’m happy that I caught this pattern, although it was a lucky strike. I’ve missed 3/45 days. It’s not bad – not perfect, which is what I hoped when I started, but not bad, either: over 90% of posts have been made.

As for the missing ones, I decided my course of action – I’ll write next year until I fill my quota. What this means today is that I’ll be writing until January 4th 2017. Hopefully I won’t accrue many more obligations.

In other news, you may notice some changes I’ve made to my Now page, and some to the things I can’t pay attention to right now. I’m trying to account for reorganization imposed due to increased work-related commitments. You may not notice them, but those pages are still sum up accurately what I’m up to.

Next week we’ll continue with our regularly scheduled posts.

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