Avoiding Arguments

Sometimes arguments are not crucial to your ends.

As a means to get people to understand you, correct your ideas, help you shape the lens through which you see the world, arguments are amazing. But sometimes you just need to get something done.

Sometimes, you’re committed to a particular opinion, and are certain enough of your correction that you don’t want to waste time arguing.

I put a high price on certainty – the more certain you are, the more you should be willing to bet, be it in money, comfort or the possibility of winding working twice as much if you’re wrong. If you’re really certain, sometimes you just have to put your money where your mouth is, and commit. Offer to carry the burden.

“I’ll have our back if something goes wrong”

“I’ll be responsible for this, if we make it this way”

“If we go through this path, it will be so much easier, I’m willing to take a bigger chunk of work”

At other times, this won’t work – mostly because someone else is equally invested in a way to do things which is incompatible with yours. Offer the other person the chance to take responsibility; put them on the spot. If they don’t step up – well, I sure hope you’re right, because things are most likely going down your way.

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