I had a dream which left me shaken. I share it here with all of you.

I went into a huge facility, with immense amounts of crafting materials available for use. The materials were in supermarket-style showcases, rows upon rows of them. All kinds of crafting materials could be found: colored pencils, markers, watercolor, pencils of different hardness, oil paint, chalk sticks, all kinds of paper and cardboard, and a myriad of tools to work with all of them.

There were kids running around, with little supervision, getting supplies and going about their business crafting, drawing, painting, designing. Some kids were working in architect tables, frowning with concentration.

Everything was brightly colored and happy. It was a center of study for people who didn’t fit in regular school or didn’t want to be there.

I wept, sobbing about the chance I’d missed by being born too early, about what might have been if I’d had a place to thrive like this instead of becoming atrophied at school. My wife appeared beside me at that point, in pure dream-fashion, and reassured me that not all was lost. In fact, it turned out that we were there because she was invited – something to do with her starting a business and getting first class mentorship or something of the sort.

I calmed down, and we kept walking. I got separated from my wife, as she went to a meeting and I wanted to see behind the next corner. She said she’d be waiting for me. As I turned the corner, and again in true dream fashion, I was suddenly naked and sitting with a backpack in my lap… just when some very important people – who I intuitively knew were very smart – turned the corner discussing something apparently important. I first panicked, then reasoned that this were likely very tolerant people, and plain told them “It seems I got naked by accident”. They looked at me matter-of-factly, and one of them said “That kind of accident happens around here from time to time”. I said, “If you don’t mind, I’ll get dressed now”, and did with clothes that were in my backpack. They weren’t fazed.

I went out of that corridor and noticed a big, burly man threatening a smaller one. He had a gun in his hand, and was pressing it down the smaller man’s trapezium. I rebelled against this abuse – this was no place for that kind of behavior, this was a house for intellect. It’s not nice to be pointing guns at people unless you don’t a better solution. I suddenly “remembered” that the facility owners kept guns everywhere, and went to a drawer to reach for one. Luckily, it was a revolver, so I’d be able to use it. When I got ahold of it, a siren sounded – I woke up while realizing that I was being tested, that they’d wanted to know what I’d do when confronted with such a situation – whether I’d let abuse go unnoticed.

Somehow, while waking up, I had the notion that they’d wanted to teach me, and had wanted to test my mettle and moral fiber. I hope I’d passed the test, for that is a place where I’d like to be: dozens upon dozens of really smart people, hardly bound by the less useful parts of culturally inherited customs, making their own rules and trying to do the right thing for the world and for themselves, working merrily away to stave off death and decay, to make our time on Earth both pleasanter and longer. This is something to aspire to.

There may be some such places in the world. Surely another one can’t hurt? Maybe this is something I should try to help happen sometime in the future?

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