I usually don’t have internet on my phone unless I’m home.

I started playing a recent freemium game aiming to be an e-sport.

The game has offline notifications.

This decimated my capacity to properly concentrate, little by little. I can now appreciate the reason many decry this as the era of distraction, of people looking down at their phones all the time. Not to misrepresent my stance: I’d noticed people walking around carelessly, too concentrated on their phones; it’d not really worried me, as once upon a time I did that, only carrying books around instead of a phone.

What I hadn’t noticed is the barrage of notifications, at seeming random times; the concatenation of stimuli in near-random intervals that create a tick-like habit of constantly checking the phone, fomenting a mental nag.

Any kind of worthwhile work – which is any work not to be automated just yet – takes time and focus; it probably needs introspection and analysis. Otherwise, it should be automated as much as possible until we find the need to analyze and meditate anew.

In any case, I’ve since uninstalled the application, which had no option to deactivate the offline notifications. I’ve also uninstalled a few other applications, which I liked to use from comfortable places at my home. And I took some days to cleanse.

Now that I’m not twitchy with check-my-phone-itis, I feel a lot better, and will keep posting – because now I can think through stuff, and remember better.

In case there’s any doubt, I’m saying that constant nagging severely impaired my focus, productivity and overall quality of life. You may be affected, too. Run an experiment on living without constant notifications running you, and see what happens. As for me… well, it seems not to be my style at all.

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