Want to learn programming?

Derek Sivers has been a great inspiration for me in many aspects. My now page was basically his idea – there’s a whole movement around what people are focused on doing at the moment, and the sort-of community feeling keeps me accountable.

Some time ago, Derek wrote about how nice it would be to just have someone tell you what to do, and the fruit of that line of thought is is “Do This. Directives – part 1” article, which appears to be the first of a series.

I don’t yet have directives; not hard and fast ones. I used to have a page up with things you should read and work through, which would level you up. It’s more in the style of How To Become a Hacker.

I’ve not taught many people to code, so I don’t have the crystallized view of what, exactly, would get you to become a competent programmer. While that comes along – I pretend to teach many people to code in the near future – here’s a rendition of my advice on becoming a competent programmer:

  • Work through Learn Python the Hard Way. Internalize the mechanism for learning.
  • Read How to Become a Hacker and follow its advice
  • Work through Nand2Tetris
  • Work as much as you can through seminal works, like The Art of Computer Programming and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • Join usergroups in your vicinity.
  • Get something done – something nice for yourself. At this point you should’ve already.
  • When you make mistakes: Identify them. Catalogue them. Learn to avoid the whole category of the mistake, if possible. Share it, that others may learn to avoid it.
  • Stop saying you’ll do it. Stop wondering whether this has something to do with what you want to do. Stop making to do lists. Start. Now. Hurry.

See you on the other side 🙂

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