Last year’s goals, this year’s goals

Died a quiet, dignified death. I didn’t write all the posts I wanted to write – not even half. I did polish my skills on many areas, but I didn’t really lean into pursuing my other goals. Can’t even remember them.

This year, I’ll try something different.

I will take (or have taken) about a pic a week – so far, so good. Still need to recoup pictures taken for me by others, so I can put them together. I want to have at least 40 pictures by the end of the year.

I will learn 12 songs on bass. I have yet to start the lessons. I hope I can manage, as I already almost-play the guitar and will be tutored. By the end of February I will have started the lessons.

I will fix or improve two things at home per month.

I will build a new house for my dogs. This time, I’ll take care to document the process properly and write a blog post, which I didn’t do last year.

I will start working out. I expect to have at least 6 months of working out during the year.

I will write at least once a month in this blog. Oh, look at the time. So far, so good… :^)

I will look back on this around November or December, see if anything is salvageable and what needs to be discarded.