Low Energy

Perhaps like Bilbo missing his hat – not for the last time – I wonder now whether it was a good idea to commit to a full year of daily writing.

Although most of the content comes from personal experience, meaning I mostly consult sources to double check as opposed to for original research, it’s a heavy drain on the time and energy I have available.

This poses a serious threat to my desire of sustained output (in writing) and increased output (in code), and I need to deal with it.

Playing around with my sleep schedule may help, as could also playing around with my eating habits. The former is a bit hard to achieve due to a fixed daily work schedule and traffic.

In any case, I will run some experiments – I’ll try having a bigger breakfast, for instance, and see how it goes.

Today’s text was supposed to deal with Java enums, but my energy was too low to do it. I increased my at-home work-to-leisure ratio, which accounts for this drastic drop, although I’ve been tolerating a mild beating in the last few days. Tomorrow will be a new day, I suppose, and I hope to cover the intended topic.

Thanks for reading.