Looks Interesting, But I Can’t Pay Attention To It Right Now

[Maintaining this list has become one of those interesting things I can’t pay attention to right now]

Part of working on getting a small set of things done consistently is that it’s stressing me out in certain aspects. I’ve been accumulating, then losing, many interesting documents I’d love to peruse and learn from.

This is a list of things that look interesting, but I can’t pay attention to right now. I feel rather guilty when I just lose them. About a year after starting this list, I noticed I lost interest in some of these topics, so I just erased them. It is much more comfortable to notice you lose interest than not remembering and yearn the half-memory of what could’ve been.

This is a living document.

Here we go:

  • Amazing article on the error model for the programming language Midori. The part I read was wildly instructive. I felt deeply sad when I noticed I was paying so much attention to a piece of information that I can’t use immediately – while having immediate responsibilities. I will try to revisit this when my pace is lighter.
  • This series on writing a compiler in Ruby. Also interesting; I’ve found all data on compilers interesting since I first learned to program. Sadly, I’ve not made enough time to look into this.
  • This not-yet-finished book on writing MMOs. Very interesting and fun read. I’m not currently developing games, though.
  • Haxe, a multiplatform language and toolkit which compiles into other languages. This looks tremendous.
  • This guide on what to learn and toy with to become good at compilers almost siphoned me.